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True Confessions - Stories Similar to Fifty Shades of Grey and Other Short Erotic Audio Stories

Ooh Baby!!! Don't forget the safe word... Or we won't know when to stop this wild roller coaster ride...

Each of these sexy stories will drive you to a fever pitch GUARANTEED to melt your ears off...

These audio stories are arousing, exhilarating and stimulating. Here is an excerpt...
:::..Things went just fine at the gym and it wasn’t till afterwards that I began to get nervous again about the way Christian kept watching me.

After our working out, we changed into swimsuits and went down to the heated whirlpool where we were all alone.

I was getting really excited at the way Christian just wouldn’t stop staring at me.

I was shaking like a leaf in the wind when I took Christian's hand and led him towards the private steam room.

I could feel Christian's strong muscular body slide up close behind me... And right before the blindfold began to block my vision I caught a glimps of the expression on his face that told me I was in for a long night of being totally and completely dominated... And then I heard the fimilar Tantalizing sound of clicking steel as the handcuffs began to tighten around my wrists...

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Three erotic lesbian stories come to life, as read by our seductive vixens.

Sinful tale number 1 - Girls will be girls. Naughty fantasists take control of these playful girls, as they explore each other’s bodies in an effort to tease and arouse.

Sinful tale number 2 – Submitting to a strong black woman turns this adventurous white lesbian into a dripping mess, as she learns what it truly feels like to be totally submissive.

Sinful tale number 3 – The lasting bonds of friendship take a sweeping step forward as these two life long friends discover each others bodies for the first time.

18th Birthday
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This erotic story comes to life, as read by our birthday girl.

Listen in as she describes a secret passion that can finally be revealed today...
her eighteenth birthday.

This passionate tale begins slowly and increases its speed as it nears a fever pitch and explodes with passion

 Erotic Encounters
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Explosive rhythm fuels this passionate expression of lust.

Sinful tale number 1 - Our sinful temptress is unable to control herself as she begins undulating, thrusting and grinding for a room full of curious onlookers who can not help but become involved in her debauchery.

Sinful tale number 2 – Curious gentlemen watch intently as our lusty vixen seductively dances. There intentions are anything but pure as they devour her body with their eyes. Little do they know, that they are the pray in this lusty game, and soon they will be the ones who are wickedly devoured.

Sinful tale number 3 – Kinky erotic messages have never been more arousing. Listen in as our playful subjects engages in a round of wicked outdoor fun…

Intimate Encounters
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Sinful tale Number 1 - Loneliness drives as our sexy vixen is taken on a lusty ride. Listen in as she sends a sinful message to her married lover.

Sinful tale Number 2 - Our host this evening is a controlling dominatrix. She's getting ready to have a party, and she's inviting four of her girl friends too. Now guess how these demanding women will entertain themselves...

This audio story is arousing, exhilarating and stimulating, but not for the faint of heart!

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Sinful tale number 1 – Dominant women are always sexiest when they take total control over their reluctant male subjects. Let this intriguing goddess takes you on a guided tour of her fantasy.

Sinful tale number 2 – Working hard to please the boss takes on a whole new meaning as this seductive temptress learns the true meaning of the term working.... overtime.

Sinful tale number 3 – Anticipation becomes a feeling of overwhelming passion and pain as this erotic tale progresses to a feverish pitch.

True Confession Vol-9
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Sinful tale number 1 – Summers weaning heat has thrown this lusty lass into an adventurous frame of mind. Listen in, as Dena vigorously oils herself from head to toe and enjoys basking in the sun.

Sinful tale number 2 – Writhing, explosive lust invades this temptresses as she leads the way through an erotic lust filled adventure filled with self gratification.

Sinful tale number 3 – Erotic messages have never been more arousing. Listen in, as this victim of loneliness sends a truly scandalous message to her husband while he is away at war.

True Confession Vol-1
$.99 - Unlimited Membership

Hi my name is Kathy, and there’s just something I’ve got to get off my chest, I’ve tried to tell other people, but for some reason I just can't ever seem to find the right words to express myself. I’ve made up my mind, I just have to tell someone.

It was the first week of summer and I was on my lunch hour. So I deceded to take a drive and visit some out-of-town frinds of mine, John and his wife Kate. They live in a small cottage nestled in the woods.

I knocked on the door, but no one answered, so I invited myself in and shouted a "Hello!" From upstairs John called to me, and told me to come up.

When I got upstairs, I found him, he was leaning back in a brass tub of cool looking water. Mesmerized, I stood there, no doubt a startled expression on my face, unable to break my stare John instantly noticed my interest...

True Confession Vol-2
Erotic Audio

It was three months after our wedding when Alex came along. He was the new houseboy, slim, handsome, a perfect ass and an extremely appetizing bulge in his jeans.

That night my husband Jack visited me in my room. We were already in separated bedrooms by then, because my hubby knew that he would never get any rest with me lying beside him in the same bed.

“What do you think of our new house boy?” Jack asked. “You know what I think of him,” I panted. “He’s gorgeous.” "I saw the way he looked at you today". “Oh stop it! Jack you know you’re my husband.” “But I can’t satisfy you, Mandy. I’m simply too old.”

And then, Jack got up and left, just like that! Knowing perfectly well that I was so hot I could hardly see straight! Well, that did it! Marriage or no marriage, I made up my mind to help myself to Alex the next day.........

True Confession Vol-7
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Sinful tale number 1 – Listen in as our horny subject tells all about her sticky experience, regarding last nights pleasurable self-exploration. The story only gets hotter as our lusty vixen finds out why she is so sore.

Sinful tale number 2 – Night calls have never been more erotic. A strong thunderstorm is brewing just outside, but its wet rainy force is nothing compared to this vixens thundering orgasm.

Sinful tale number 3 – Bondage is the subject of this erotic experience. Listen in, as we learn that some small towns live in the shadows of their dark erotic secrets.

True Confession Vol-8
Sexy Stories

Sinful tale number 1 – Shameless vacations have never sounded naughtier. Listen in as our horny subjects engage in a physical, voyeuristic, corporal adventure filled with mischief

Sinful tale number 2 – Dominant women are always intriguing; this shameless vixen has proved herself to be no exception. Listen in to this breakfast time adventure, as our hostess takes control of this lust filled meal.

Sinful tale number 3 – Insatiable, truly there is no other way to describe this girls unbridled lust. This relentless tale describes a scandals erotic experience between a sister and her brother. Listen in as we learn about their dark secret.

True Confession Vol-11

Sinful tale number 1 – Aquatic adventures have never sounded more erotic. Listen into this self-gratifying tale as this lusty temptress takes you on a guided tour of her bubbly bath time fantasy.

Sinful tale number 2 – Watching intently, from a distance, a curious voyeur discovers that fantasies sometimes do come true. In a twist the predator becomes the pray and is wickedly devoured.

Sinful tale number 3 – Kinky erotic letters have never been more arousing. Our neglected reader soon learns that she has not been forgotten as she discovers an unbridled letter brimming with wicked desire.

Lesbian Confessions
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Things went just fine at the gym and it wasn’t till afterwards that I began to get nervous again about the way Cindy kept watching me. After our working out, we went down to the heated whirlpool where we were all alone.

Cindy began asking me questions very pointed, personal questions, like whether I had ever made love to a woman.

I was getting really scared at the way she wouldn’t stop staring at me. I just had to get up and walk away. I was shaking as I headed for the steam room where I hoped I might help. When I looked up, there was Cindy heading straight towards me and she had taken her bikini top off.

True Confession Vol-14
$.99 - No Extra Fees

Sinful tale number 1 – An erotic hotel rendezvous explode with passion, as this intoxicating vixen leads you on mystical journey. Listen in, as passion begins to build into a lusty frenzy.

Sinful tale number 2 – Indulgence breaks through barriers, as this vigorous lady takes control at a sex club and becomes the main attraction. Fascinated onlookers become entranced as they learn the true meaning of the term “back door”.

Sinful tale number 3 – The gentle rocking motion of a midnight train brings out the beast in this invigorated harlot, as she explodes in an ear melting orgasm.

True Confession Vol-15
$.99 - Unlimited Listening
Not available on E-bay

Hardcore rapture oozes from this collection of erotic audio stories.

First, Join in on the wickedness as an extremely dominant dominatrix teaches a willing slave about the pleasure of pain. Next, enjoy an arousing story, as an adventurous couple boundlessly plays with naughty toys.

True Confession Vol-16
$.99 - Listen Now

Experience the ultimate in listening pleasure, as this seductive goddess weaves her tale.

Let this CD take hold of you imagination, and guide you through the darkest reaches of the mind. Be warned, this CD is not for the faint of heart. It is truly arousing, and graphic.

The cover depicts this erotic experience, in its truest form.

True Confession Vol-17
$.99 - Listen on your PC

Experience the ultimate in listening pleasure, while you are wisked away on a romantic journey. Let these 2-CD's take hold of you imagination.

Don’t let this Valentines day pass, without experiencing the ultimate in listening pleasure.

Bubble Bath Confessions
No Special Programs Needed!

The term “Bath Time” takes on a whole new meaning, as this slippery seductress slowly soaks you into her dripping wet story.

Wet splashing fun simply spills out of this erotic audio book.

Steamy Showers
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Your imaginative runs wild as this tale grows, until it reaches a twisted climax.

Soothing bath time fantasies have no place among the folds of this unforgiving tale.

The term “Maxium Capacity” takes on a whole new meaning, as this Pounding, Ferocious female story teller pulls you into her pleasurable tale.

Limited Time Offer


The term “Obey” takes on a whole new meaning, as this dominatrix forcefully pulls you into her pleasurable story.

Pleasure and Pain, explode out of this erotic audio book.

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